How to start My own Blog? How to become a Blogger?

May be you are thinking to start your own Blog, then you must be think that

How to start my own blog?

How can I become a Blogger?

Today we have thousands of blogs on the internet and a lot of bloggers are making money with it. You can promote your product or services by writing blogs too. It will help garner people’s attention and increase the sale of your product or service.

However, the bitter truth is that not every blog is successful. But what do the successful blogs do? How can you make your blog successful? Or what you should know before you start your own blog?

Well, here are some of the most important things you need to know before starting your own blog. Let’s have a look.

It requires Time And Effort

This is the most important thing you need to know before start blogging. Blogging requires and efforts. Today many people are engaged in blogging and many of them are successful too. But you need to understand that you cannot become a successful blogger overnight. If you want to earn money quickly then, unfortunately, blogging is not field.  You need to be patient to become successful.

It Is Not Free

Blogging is not free. You need to spend some money if you wanna start your own blog. Free blogs created with Blogger or Tumblr do not work well now.

For creating your very own blog you will need to buy a domain name and get atleast a basic hosting plan. It will provide you with your own resources, bandwidth, space etc. which are pretty necessary for a good blog. Along with these things, you may also need to spend your money on other things like hiring writers, a marketing promotion, design customization, custom development, software, etc. It depends on the type of blog that you want to create.

Quality Matters

Content is the king. You need to write quality posts to attract visitors. If you post a number of articles on your blog with moderate quality then, unfortunately, it won’t do much good. Good amount of web traffic is important to start earning a decent amount of money and for that, you need quality posts like guides or tutorial.

Decide What To Write On

Finding your niche is very important to start a blog. There are already thousands of blogs available on the internet with all the niches. You can’t just randomly choose a topic and start writing on it. Choose the niche you are good at and see a potential for yourself.

Be Good At One Thing

There are many ways you can share informative stuff with others like writing, podcast, videos, webinars and so on. But don’t try to indulge in all of these things, instead, do the only thing which you are good at. If you are good at writing then write the creative stuff or if you can do the video thing better then stick to it only, at least at the beginning. Don’t think that you can do that all.

Be Social

Nowadays, being social online is pretty important for your blog. If you want to raise the number of your regular readers then making your blog’s articles and posts social will help you. Especially when you are starting a new blog, it will take some time for the search engines to index your articles so, sharing them online on social sites like Facebook will help you to attract the readers for your blog post. You can even buy traffic and promote your posts by creating ads on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Be Consistent

Consistency is necessary. You need to post great stuff regularly as consistency is the key to grow your blog traffic. If Whether you write 3 blog post a week or 1 post daily, do it regularly otherwise inconsistency will hurt your traffic. Make it your habit to write a blog post according to your routine so that your readers get more and more stuff from your blog and if they don’t, you will lose your visitors.

Knowledge Of Basic SEO

You should also have some knowledge of basic SEO. Getting searches from the search engine is necessary for your blog to grow. You don’t need to learn the whole complicated SEO but get acquainted with the basics.

Good design Is Important

First impression is the last impression. The design of your blog should be attractive enough to create a great impression on your readers. Not only a beautiful design but it should display your content wisely so that the learner can get what you want them to provide. The navigation should be easy to understand.

Guest Post

You can also write guest posts on the blogs of the same niche as of yours. It will help you to get noticed in your initial time. It will help you to attract a lot of traffic to your blog.

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