How to promote and find leads for my brand through social media

How to promote and find leads for my brand through social media

Finding and generating leads is the key to running a successful business. If no one is using your business, then you’re never going to succeed. To put it simply a lead is a potential customer that has shown some interest in your products, services, or company that has given you some contact information. These leads can be passed on to the sales department or they can be engaged through marketing. The best place to find these leads in 2018 is through social media. You should already be using social media to promote your brand anyway, so why not add some lead generation to your social media marketing strategy? Here’s how businesses can use social media to promote their brand and find leads.

Share Links to Gated Content

As you might guess, gated content is content that is kept locked behind a virtual gate. If something is valuable enough to someone, then they will be willing to offer up some basic contact information to access it. Social media can be used to generate leads by sharing links to landing pages where readers can offer some information in order to access content.

Not everyone who clicks on the link will go through the gate, but the ones that do will prove themselves to be interested readers. As long as the content is good and relevant to the industry – which it must absolutely be – the people who share their information to access it will become a great lead to follow up on. Sharing links to gated content like this is the easiest-to-use social media lead generation strategy and so it’s commonly included as a secondary tactic in any other kind of lead generation strategy.

Host Contests

Contests are great because they allow you to both generate leads and promote your brand. Contests get people talking about the brand and engaging with you – which is excellent promotion – and it encourages them to offer some information in order to enter – which is lead generation in a nutshell. Just make sure that you choose a good prize. It has to be something that is valuable enough for someone to want to enter the contest, and it must be particularly valuable to the people that are most likely to become customers. No one is going to enter a contest if they don’t think the prize is worth it, but if everyone enters then you’ll be left with a load of contact information and no real leads.

So what would make for a good prize? One good option would be offering an extended trial of one of your products. You could also offer an upgrade to your services for the winner. These are prizes that hold some value to the people that are most interested in using your products. If you’re selling physical products then you can’t go wrong with giving away the actual product itself.

Social Media Advertising

There are two forms of advertising on social media; the first is organic posts that you make yourself, and the other is actual social media advertising. The first works fine, but nothing beats targeted social media ads. These allow you to target specific audiences and get your message in front of the people that are most likely to follow through on it. Using advertising to push gated content to those people is the best way to keep advertising costs down while still getting the most out of your advertising efforts.

Different social media platforms also have their own lead generation tools. Take a look at what the serve you use has to offer. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all offer something different that brings unique value to the table.

Get the Conversation Going

If you’re going to use social media, then one of the key reasons you’re using it is to get people talking. You want to engage with others and show them that you know your stuff. Luckily, wanting to share their opinion is also why everyone else joined social media!

Get the conversation going by asking your followers to offer their opinions on different things that are currently affecting your business, industry, and would be interesting to them. Fitness centers, for example, can engage customers by asking them what their favorite summer sport is. Make it more enticing by combining it with a giveaway. Enter the people who respond into a giveaway. The question that you ask should be one that inspires readers to respond and offer their insight.

Don’t Overdo It

It takes a delicate balance to properly promote on social media. If you don’t promote yourself at all then no one will know that you’re there. If you overdo it and promote too much though, then people will see you as spam and be turned off. Both of these are bad for your bottom line. Overdoing it can even damage your reputation, which is definitely not something you want.

The rule of thumb when it comes to promotion on social media is called the “seven-in-one” rule. This basically means that for every seven posts you make, only one can be promoting your business in some way. The other six posts should be about sharing valuable content and posts from the community. You can talk to consumers without promoting things to them. If you do want to promote yourself in those six posts then you’d better be pairing that promotion with valuable content!


Social media is an excellent tool for promoting a business and generating leads. It’s fair to say that a business needs social media in order to survive in the modern world. Knowing you need social media and knowing how to utilize it are two separate things. It’s not enough to create an account and start posting. Go into it with a proper strategy in mind. Run contests, offer gated content, start conversations, interact with customers, and avoid spamming them to create the ultimate social media strategy for promoting your business and generating leads. Betipy have created an interactive tool that allows you to see which social networks are growing and where you should invest your time.

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