Best Power Bank for Laptop

Best Power Bank for Laptop

You can charge all of your gadgets with this power bank

We are living in a time of constant movement. And trust us, mobile phones are the most important gadget of all times. From paying bills to keeping your clients informed, you manage them all just because of your smartphone. There are times when you need to stay outdoors for very long. Your phone battery may die down. Battery packs or power banks come to your rescue in such difficult situations.

Even when you are out on a vacation, enjoying surfing on the waves, you can keep your phone battery fully charged with these power banks. Nowadays, they are available in all price range and with different battery capacity. You can choose the best depending upon your needs and how much your pocket permits. Not only that, you can even keep your camera and other USB powered gadgets charged with them. Plus, you could keep betting on your favorite sports easily with the Betway app, and not have to worry about your battery running out.

Just have a look at the three best power banks:

  1. Jackery PowerBar:

If you thought that laptops and tablets cannot be charged with power banks, then this is the one you should invest your money on. With 20, 800 mAh batteries, you can charge all your gadgets and still it will not be discharged. If you are into the job that demands regular travel, then this is the one gadget you just cannot compromise on.

With three charging options, it allows users to charge it whenever and wherever possible. The strong aluminum body makes it resistant to accidental damages. The best feature of this power bank is the presence of a fan to ensure that the device does not get heated up. You can be sure of h, having a battery packed gadget to back up your work and travel needs.

  1. Mophie power station plus XL

Mophie is the market leader when it comes to quality power banks. With 12,000 mAh batteries, this is sure to leave you stunned with its sleek design and robust structure. The four indicator lights make it easier to gauge the battery level. This way you can recharge the power bank when it is down. This actually saves you from the frustrating moments when you realize that your power bank is down on battery and yet you carried it without charging.

The only drawback is that it takes too long to charge. Also, it can be hard on your pocket. Overall, this is one of the best products available on the market.

  1. Anker PowerCore Jump Starter Mini

Cased in a strong box, this power bank comes with AC as well as DC chargers. This is actually a mini car battery that has got incredible functions. It comes with indicator lights and runs really long.

Making the right choice of a battery pack can help your phone last all day long, and even more, making it ideal for traveling.

Which one of these would you prefer and why?

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